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Compliance Certification

In today's environment businesses are required to meet certain regulatory compliance standards. From NIST Cyber Security Frame Work, HIPPA, PCI, and GDPR. Failure to be in compliance will put you out of business. You will face government scrutiny from your State, from the Federal Government, and from foreign entities such as the EU. Then there will be the loss of trust of your clients, the embarrassment of failing to be compliant, the loss of revenue, and the legal issues that will materialize.

We offer Certifications in:

  1. HIPPA Compliance
  2. PCI Compliance
  3. GDPR Compliance

Real Cost of Failing to be in Compliance

We've listed below some of the real costs of failing to be in Compliance. It is staggering. Take a look. Don't wait. Contact Us.

Small to Midsize business

Certified Public Accountants

Dental Office/Medical Office

  • Average Cost: ????
  • $300/record + fines from government entities + legal fees
  • Do to the differing number of government agencies that can be involved an average cost can not be claculated.
    1. (source: Darby TechForce)

Isn't it Time?

It's time to get your business certified. We will test your systems to assure that they are certified. We will train your employees on Cyber Security Safety. We will help you develop the proper policies and procedures that you need to have in place. Right now you can get a network assessment for free.(A Network Assessment is not part of your Compliance testing it is an evaluation that helps us find out where we need to start.)

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