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What can happen if you suffer a Data Breach:

Your business is faced with multiple regulations. You need to assure that you are compliant with all of those regulations. If you are not compliant you will be faced with fines, possible investigations, loss of clients, loss of reputation. Below is a list of how much a data breach could cost you:
  1. Doctors Office: $4 Million average
  2. Dental Office: $100,000 - $1 Million
  3. Law Office: $376/record
  4. CPA Office: $40,000
  5. Small Business: $36,000 - $50,000

Compliance Certifications Offered:

  1. HIPAA Compliance
  2. PCI Compliance
  3. GDPR Compliance

Why get Certified?

Compliance is important for your businesses survival. It will help you avoid the problems listed in "What can happen if you suffer a Data Breach". It tests your systems resistance to a data breach. It assures that your network and computers are secure. It provides you with the documentation necessary to demonstrate your compliance with government regulations.


All figures are averages. This does not include State fines and law suits. The cost of not certifing your business for not being compliant with government regulations, can you afford it? It illustrates the need of having your business certified as being compliant. What are you waiting for? Call us before something happens to you.

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