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Cyber Security: Is your business ready?

Compliance Certification

We can certify your company as being security compliant. If you want to assure that your Business is compliant with HIPAA, PCI, and GDPR contact us.

We will assure that if a data breach occurs that you are prepared with what you need to do. With how you need to handle the reporting. We will also provide you with the documentation that will demonstrate that you have done all you could do to be compliant. This will help you avoid some major fines.

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Are you sure that all of your Business data is protected? Do you if your Business can survive a cyber attack? Do you know if your Business has already been hacked? Have you had all of your Business systems tested? Does your Business have a Cybersecurity plan? Are your you sure that you could stay in Business if a Cyber attack occured?

Those questions we are here to answer. We can test your systems. We can makes sure you can retrieve your data after a cyber attack or any natural disaster. We can scan the Dark Web and see if you have already been hacked. We can help you create a Cybersecurity plan and provide you with the documentation you need to prove you are in compliance. We can train your employees on their responsibilities in helping your Business keep sage while on the internet.

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Introducing K.I. Computing

Managed Services

Take the headache away from constantly taking time out to fix your PCs, or from long wait times for a technician to come onsite.

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